The Bhagavad Gita


The Bhagavad Gita, the ancient gospel of Hinduism, has been given a refreshing contemporary translation by B. Srinivasa Murthy, Ph.D. Murthy's translation, direct from the Sanskrit, is vivid and easily understood, while remaining true to the spirit of the original text. The book's lucid introduction explains the basic structure of Hindu philosophy and portrays the historical background of the Gita.

Because this translation eliminates archaic terminologies, the book appeals to a much wider audience than traditional translations. American readers who are just becoming familiar with Indian thought will be as delighted with the book as will scholars of Hinduism, Eastern philosophy and Indian culture.

This book is currently out of print. The electronic version on this website is offered free of charge to students, teachers, and the general public. See the LEGAL NOTICE for terms and conditions.


"Murthy's translation captures the profound and timeless message of the Gita. A lucid introduction offers thought-provoking insights on this Indian philosophical classic."

Swami Satyananda, Benares, India

"Conceived not from the perspective of an outsider looking in nor from the perspective of an insider seeking to mystify the curious, this book admirably makes accessible a great classic of world literature, in a manner true to the Indian tradition."

Professor Christopher Chapple, Loyola Marymount University

"This is an excellent translation for those unfamiliar with the text. It provides an explanation of the religious context of the poem and summaries of key concepts such as the result, karma, human nature, the system of yoga, and the paths of action, knowledge and devotion. containing notes, a glossary, and a bibliography, this is an excellent resource."

Primary Text, Hinduism Resources

"Professor Murthy's translation of the Gita is wonderful. The prose is resonant, and with his lucid introduction, the book will serve equally well in the classroom or as an excellent introduction to the Gita and Hinduism for the general public. I most highly recommend this book."

Professor Peter Lowentrout, California State University, Long Beach

"This modern translation of The Bhagavad Gita combines profundity of thought and a clear style of writing. Murthy's introduction provides excellent insights based upon a lifelong study of Indian thought."

Professor D. R. SarDesai, University of California, Los Angeles

"We welcome Professor Murthy's lucid English translation of this Indian classic."

Professor Shoryu Kastura, Hiroshima University, Japan

"Srinivasa Murthy's Gita translation is straightforward and elegant. This is precisely the type of translation needed to present the Gita to American undergraduates."

Professor Jeffrey Broughton, California State University, Long Beach

"Dr. Murthy's Bhagavad Gita succeeds in communicating the message of Krishna to the modern English reader. It is a valuable addition to the field."

Professor Girdhari Tikku, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"This straightforward translation of the Gita, accompanied by an excellent introduction and extensive notes, makes it quite suitable for courses in philosophy and religion, and for any reader interested in becoming acquainted with this great classic of India."

Professor Gary Baran, Los Angeles City College

"This translation of the Gita is simple and clear with an excellent introduction."

Professor Santosh N. Desai, St. John's University, New York

"Of the many translations of the Bhagavad Gita, there are a select few which I take to be scholarly and yet inspirational...Professor Murthy's translation is among these few."

Professor Hope Fitz, Eastern Connecticut State University

"Murthy's translation .... is clear, lucid, concise, and does not compromise on scholarly expectations ... I particularly like Chapters 14 - 18 as here Dr. Murthy brings out in splendid clarity the profundity of the moral and ethical teachings of the BHAGAVADGITA."

Purusottama Bilimoria Visiting Fellow, Institute for the Advanced Study of World Religions State University of New York, Stony Brook