B. Srinivasa Murthy - Books Published and Testimonial

Books Published

The Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita, the ancient gospel of Hinduism, has been given a refreshing contemporary translation by B. Srinivasa Murthy. Murthy's translation, direct from the Sanskrit, is vivid and easily understood, while remaining true to the spirit of the original text.

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Mother Teresa and India

This book explores the Nobel Laureate's powerful Christian message of love in action--the foundation of her dedicated efforts to uplift the hungry, the dying, and the abandoned children from an overwhelming quagmire

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Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy Letters

The correspondence between great minds are landmarks in the development of the history of ideas. The letters of Mohandas K. Gandhi and Count Leo Tolstoy are no exception.

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East-West Encounters in Philosophy and Religion

The essays in this anthology focus on the East-West dialogue in the areas of Person: East and West; Comparative Ethics; Comparative Religion; Indian, Chinese, and Western Thought and Cross-Cultural Perspectives. An insightful book for scholars and students.

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Inaugural Dissertation

Ph.D. Inaugural Dissertation in German language 'Die Bedeutung der philosophischen `Typen' Lehre bei Eduard Spranger im Hinblick auf seine Werttheorie' - Zur Erlangung der DoktorwÜrde der Philosophischen Fakultät der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität zu Mainz

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