Mother Teresa and India


Mother Teresa and India explores the Nobel Laureate's powerful Christian message of love in action--the foundation of her dedicated efforts to uplift the hungry, the dying, and the abandoned children from an overwhelming quagmire of suffering and neglect. The author's conversations with Mother Teresa and her sisters, as well as ten striking photos, bear witness to the pathos of the poorest of the poor and the loving Christian joy permeating the service of the Missionaries of Charity.

Murthy's grasp of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Hinduism and his sensitive critique of the vast social problems faced by India today make this an exceptional work.

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Author's Note

Calcutta is no longer the Calcutta described in this book. Economic conditions in India have steadily improved due to the implementation of government social and economic programs, as well as opportunities provided by globalization. The standard of living has dramatically improved for all Indians and India now enjoys a large middle class.


"'EXCITING, UPLIFTING, POWERFUL'--Dr. Murthy's remarkable book on Mother Teresa of Calcutta brings both human compassion and insight to this study of a spiritual woman laboring in problem-ravaged India. Recommended for all interested in the spiritual journey of a rare soul".

Professor Howard R. Delaney, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California

"If Gandhi symbolizes the soul of India, Mother Teresa exemplifies its great heart. Dr. Murthy captures the charisma and mystique of this unusual woman who epitomizes what it means to be Christian, to bear the cross, and to love all mankind. Mother Teresa and India is must reading for anyone sensitive to contemporary Christian actions and the needs of India today."

The Reverend Richard Anderson, Ph.D., Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Long Beach, California

Some good books about Mother Teresa include : Mother Teresa Beyond the Image, by Anne Sebba; Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice, by Christopher Hutchens; Something Beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, by Malcolm Muggeridge; Mother Teresa and India, by B. Srinivasa Murthy; and Mother Teresa: Her People and her Work, by Desmond Doig.

News in Review, November 1997