Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy Letters


The correspondence between great minds are landmarks in the development of the history of ideas. The letters of Mohandas K. Gandhi and Count Leo Tolstoy are no exception.

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"With the publication of this volume Srinivasa Murthy has made a singularly important contribution to the study of Indian history, Russian literature and the discipline of social and political philosophy."

Virginia Hartt Ringer Professor of Philosophy California State University, Long Beach

"Young Mohandas Gandhi's discovery of the works of Leo Tolstoy played a crucial role in his conversion to the strategy of non-violence. We owe a debt of much gratitude to Srinivasa Murthy for editing the correspondence between Tolstoy and Gandhi, alongside such documents as Tolstoy's "Letter to a Hindu" and Gandhis reminiscences about his South African ashram, "Tolstoy Farm."... An excellent achievement!."

Guy de Mallac, Professor of Russian Studies & Peace and Conflict Studies University of California, Irvine