East-West Encounters in Philosophy and Religion


The essays in this anthology focus on East-West dialogue in the areas of Person: East and West; Comparative Ethics; Comparative Religion; Indian, Chinese, and Western Thought and Cross-Cultural Perspectives. An insightful book for scholars and students.

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In 1996, Long Beach Publications published this book and authorized Popular Prakashan, Pvt., Ltd. (35C Pandit Madau Mohan Malaviya Marg, Tardeo, Mumbai 400 034, India) to simultaneously publish a limited edition of 250 copies for sale in India. Long Beach Publications holds all copyrights to the book, East-West Encounters in Philosophy and Religion, as well as the articles therein. Any unauthorized publication of this book or the articles in this book, either in paper or digital format, is a violation of Long Beach Publications copyrights.

About the Book

The essays in this anthology focus on the East-West dialogue in the areas of Person: East and West, Comparative Ethics, Comparative Religion, Indian, Chinese and Western Thought and Cross Cultural Perspectives. Scholars, such as Ninian Smart, Chad Hansen, Fred Dallmayr, Unto Tahtinen, Robert Ellwood, Barbara Holdredge, Jasper Blystone, M. Akin Makinde, Arthur Ledoux, Kenneth Liberman, Gerhold Becker, K.R. Sundararajan, Joe Wilson, O’Hyun Park, Barry Curtis, P.R. Bhat, Srinivasa Rao, and others, share their thoughts. An insightful book for scholars and students of East-West dialogue.

About the Author(s)

Ninian Smart is J.F.Rowny Professor of Comparative Religions at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and was the founder of the Department of Religious Studies at the University and Lanchester. He studied at Oxford University and at Yale. He was Gifford lecturer at the university of Edinburgh and has had visiting professorships at various universities; Banaras Hindu University, Harvard University, University of Hong Kong, and Princeton. He has published numerous books in the areas of Religion and Philosophy: The Religious Experience, The Long Search, The World’s Religions, Doctrine and Argumentation in Indian Philosophy, World Views: Cross Cultural Explorations of Human Beliefs, and Dimensions of the Sacred.

B.Srinivasa Murthy is the founder of the East Meets West Foundation and of Long Beach Publications. He studied at the University of Mysore, India and the University of Mainz, Germany. He received his Ph.D from the University of Mainz and has been the recipient of many scholarly awards including the Alexander Von Humbolt Post- Doctoral Fellowship. He has taught at the Loyola Marymount University, Pepperdine University and California State University, Long beach. He has translated The Bhagavad Gita, Martin Heidegger in Conversation, and has edited Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy Letters. He is also the author of Mother Teresa and India.

Editor's note

In 2001, the world lost an outstanding scholar and champion of East-West dialogue when Professor Ninian Smart suddenly died. I lost a dear friend, as well. Professor Ninian Smart was J.F. Rowney Professor of Religions at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Professor Smart supported me in organizing two international conferences: the first East Meets West Conference in Mysore, India (1991) and the second East Meets West Conference in Long Beach, California (1993). This book is a collection of articles from the Conferences.

Book Contents

Person: East and West

Ninian Smart

The Comparative View of the Person: East and West

Jasper Blystone

Purusha and Person: A Comparative Interpretation

Joe B. Wilson

Indo-Tibetan Analysis of the Person in Anglo-American Perspective

M. Akin Makinde

Person, Destiny, and Society in Yoruba (African) Philosophical Perspective

Comparative Religion and Culture

Robert S. Ellwood Religion and Modernization in Postmodern Perspective
Barbara Holdrege Models of Scripture and Paradigms of Religious Tradition: The Case of Veda and Torah
Arthur Ledoux On the Complimentary Core Paradoxes of Effort and Grace in Theravada Buddhism and Christianity
K.R. Sundararajan Experiencing the World: A Comparative Study of Lila and Satori
Christopher K. Chapple Monist (Ekatva) and Pluralist (Anekanta) Discourse in Indian Traditions
Carlos R. Piar Religious Narrative and Social Change in Latin America

Comparative Ethics

Unto Tahtinen The Benefit of Punishment
Chad Hansen Fa: Laws or Standards
Bart Gruzalski Four aspects of Buddhist Ethics Unfamiliar in the West
Narayan Champawat Self-Realization Ethics: Vedanta and Aristotle

Asian and Western Thought

Kenneth Liberman Negative Dialectics in Madhyamika and the Continental Tradition.
Lloyd Steffen Space for the Self: A Comparison of Yuasa Yasuo and Charles Taylor
Barry Curtis Wittgenstein and Ramakrishna on the Problem of Evil
O'Hyun Park Hinduism in Perspective: A Critique of Albert Schweitzer
Gary L. Baran A Buddhist and a Hindu Critique of Descartes
P.R. Bhat Wittgenstein and Svatahpramanyavada
Walter Benesch Comparative Logic: A new Approach
Srinivasa Rao Comparative Metaphysics: Means or End?
James D. Sellmann Cultural Differences in Understanding Human Nature and the Ramifications in American and Chinese Constitutions

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Fred Dallmayr Culture and Global Development
Fathi S. Yousef Cross-Cultural Contacts: Aspects of Language and Culture in Marketing
Gerhold K. Becker The Concept of Nature in Cross-Cultural and Environmental Perspective
Jonathan Shear On the Existence of a Culture Independent Core Component of Self
Paul J. Will Swami Vivekananda and Cultural Stereotyping
Earle Coleman Creativity and Spirituality: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry Into Relations between Art and Religion
William Herbrechtsmeier Collective Persons in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Abortion, Animism, and Ecological Pratitya-Samutpada